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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Llamas Go "Green" After Christmas

For the ultimate recycling opportunity, feed your dried-up Christmas tree to a pack of llamas! Llamas love to eat pine needles. This makes llamas the ultimate "green" animal, wouldn't you say?

The ShangriLlama llamas are so lucky that they live on a Christmas tree farm. They rarely pass up the opportunity to take a nibble from a cut-down tree. They mow lawns for free, too, by happily grazing off tall blades of grass, plus weeds and other dried vegetation.

Look how well the llamas polished off this Christmas tree... 

... in about 10 minutes!

Llamas Recycled This Christmas Tree!

 You may be wondering how a llama can process the prickly needles of pine trees. Easy! Llamas have one stomach with three compartments, which work over food until it is excreted as virtually odor-free pellets the size of rabbit poo. Honestly! Someday Mama Llama will photograph "llama beans" and tell you all about their value in your rose garden :)

Now Mama Llama can never again look at a "used" Christmas tree without thinking that it could have been a treat for a pack of llamas.

Happy Trails!

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